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The roots of ANETVA can be traced back to 1993, when a small group of businesspeople came together to protect and defend common interests and provide the rope access work sector with a consolidated structure. The Association was officially incorporated in 2003.

ANETVA currently includes a large number of companies, located throughout Spain, which pay a registration fee and monthly fees thereafter, which vary depending on two factors.

Pursuant to internal regulations, companies that wish to join ANETVA must have rope access work as their main line of business, although companies which use rope access work techniques but not as their primary business activity may also apply for membership of the association.  The difference is that the former companies are considered partners and, consequently, participate in the assembly.

The majority of ANETVA companies are engaged in rope access work as their main activity, but the Association also includes others for which this activity accounts for a large part of their turnover.

The rope access work sector comprises a wide range of companies that carry out diverse activities using rope access work techniques. It is precisely for this reason that this sector is not considered as part of the construction industry, as it has a broad panorama of characteristics that give it a nature and personality of its own.

Just like any other association ANETVA is based on a series of by-laws and internal regulations, which have been accepted by all associate companies.

The ANETVA board of directors is made up of representatives from its associate companies, which are elected during the association's general assembly.  Its current members are:

The board relies on the ongoing efforts of its associate companies through a professional team comprising:

ANETVA has already recorded many achievements for its associate members, and continues working on and researching new projects.