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About Our Courses

The training provided in each ANETVA course compiles with the minimum training requirements of Royal Decree 2177 of 12 November 2004 governing the selection of equipment for carrying out temporary work at height, section 4.4.1 f:
  1. Techniques for rope progression and structural ascent.
  2. Fastening systems.
  3. Anti-fall systems.
  4. Regulations on the care, maintenance and verification of equipment and work safety.
  5. Rescue techniques for accidents while in suspension.
  6. Safety measures to be implemented in adverse weather conditions which may affect safety.
  7. Safe techniques for handling loads at height.

The dates of ANETVA courses may vary depending on whether the courses can be carried out, so please check with the Association on availability of the course you are interested in.  Should a course be cancelled due to a lack of participants, those enrolled on the course will be transferred onto the next available course.

The Association aims to have seven students per training monitor in each course and, as a result, should there be a lower number of students the course will not go ahead.

Registration Procedures

Anyone interested in registering for a course should send the fully-completed registration form to ANETVA, either by e-mail ( or by fax (91 745 05 14). Once the form has been received, the individual will be considered as pre-registered on the course in question.

The applicant should then call ANETVA on 91 745 05 13, where he/she will be provided with the ANETVA bank account to which the transfer or deposit of the total course fees should be made. Following this, the bank receipt should be send to us by fax (91 745 05 14).

Once the fees have been paid, the place on the course is considered as confirmed. Course registration must be made 7 naturals days before the course commences. Nevertheless, we recommend that pre-registration should be made as soon as possible, as places are limited.

Terms and conditions

ANETVA will not refund any amounts paid for courses if cancellations are not made 10 days or more before the course in question is scheduled to start.

Following this date, should a cancellation be made a valid, justifiable reason must be given if a refund is to be made. In this case, ANETVA will study the refund request and any documentation supporting and justifying this refund and, if deemed appropriate, will then make the refund. ANETVA reserves the right to deny such a refund should the aforementioned cancellation cause any damages or losses to the Association.

PLEASE NOTE: No person may make a higher level course without having done before the corresponding lower-level course.

For applicants who have training or experience should contact ANETVA the purposes of verifying whether they can access an examination. ANETVA decide case by case basis whether the applicant can take the test according to the documentation, or you have to do the full training course.

It is obligatory that the student go to the course with workwear and safety footwear